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Discover the Best-Selling Handmade Jewelry in Montreal

Our curated collection showcases unique designs that capture the vibrant culture of the city. From stunning necklaces to elegant hoops and dainty stud earrings, each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled jewelers using the finest materials such as sterling silver.

Jewelry Inspired by Montreal's Rich Heritage

At Lidia, we take pride in creating jewelry with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional beauty and quality.

Shop our best sellers today and celebrate your personal style while supporting local artisans. Discover the perfect piece that speaks to your unique taste and embodies the spirit of handcrafted jewelry.

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meilleurs vendeurs | Lidia

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Her

This Valentine's Day, Celebrate your Own Love

Whether you're crafting a special list for your Valentine, or deciding to treat yourself, this collection is here for you. Choose from our artisanal jewelry that's designed to make you smile and show yourself a little love. Because sometimes, the perfect gift comes from within.

Turn this day into a celebration of you, the love you give to yourself, and the small pleasures that brighten your life.

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breloques pour colliers familles personnalisés

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custom family necklaces for amazing moms


Customize your necklace as a family picture

The necklaces are available is sterling silver and 14k yellow gold plated. You'll find in this section multiple family necklaces. You don't see yours? Custom your own here.

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colliers familles personnalisés | Lidia

Discover our Pearl Earrings Handcrafted in Canada

Are Pearls in Style in 2024?

The answer is a resounding YES! Pearls are a classic staple that never goes out of style. And guess what? They're still going strong in 2024! At Lidia, we're over the moon to offer a stunning collection of pearl earrings that are not only on-trend, but also handcrafted right here in Canada.

Pearl Silver Earrings: Choose The Perfect Size For You

Whether you're a fan of dainty studs or bold pearl silver earrings, we've got the perfect pair for you. Our collection includes a range of 4 sizes, from 3-3.5 mm to 9-9.5 mm, all made with real white or pink freshwater pearls and silver studs.

Shop Local: Pearl Earrings Made in Canada

And if you're looking to shop local, you're in luck. Our pearl earrings are all handcrafted right here in Canada. By buying from a local artisan, you're not only investing in a beautiful pair of stud earrings, but also supporting the local economy and small businesses.

Let's dive into our collection of pearl earrings and find your new favorite piece. Trust us, you won't be disappointed with our handcrafted pearl silver earrings made in Canada!

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Ear Jackets Earrings

Discover our exclusive collection of ear jackets earrings with freshwater pearls, combining elegance and versatility to perfection.

What are ear jackets earrings?

They are unique pieces of jewelry composed of two distinct parts. The first part is a classic earring with pearls for a discreet and elegant look. The second part attaches to the front or back of the earring, creating a bold and captivating effect.

Explore our meticulously curated selection of ear jacket earrings with freshwater pearls and let yourself be captivated by their unparalleled elegance and limitless versatility.

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