family necklaces

Family necklaces for amazing moms handmade in Quebec

Do you recognize yourself?



Custom your necklace as a family picture

The necklaces are available is sterling silver and 14k yellow gold plated. Which one is your favorite?

You'll find in this section multiple family necklaces. You don't see yours? Custom your own here.

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This past year, we realized the importance of small everyday gestures: handshakes, smiles or hugs have become more precious than ever.

We're back to what's most important.

In my new collection, I've made room for simplicity, delicacy and the essential. The evolution of my thinking is reflected in more sober and mature jewellery, which is aimed at all women.


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minimalist heart jewelry

Heart-shaped jewelry handmade in Quebec

A meaningful gift to say "I love you" to someone important. A friend. A colleague. YOU.



Meaningful and dainty jewelry

You'll find heart shaped charms, necklaces and earrings.


The heart jewelry are handmade with sterling silver. They are available in multiple finishes : polished sterling silver, oxidized, gold plated and rose gold plated. Which one is your favorite?

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