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Discover Lidia’s Fall New Arrivals

Handcrafted Artisanal Jewelry in Montreal

The journey of crafting this new jewelry collection has been nothing short of exhilarating and deeply inspiring. Over the past year, your special requests, shared during various markets, have become the heart and soul of these creations.

Today, I am overjoyed to introduce you to these sterling silver jewelry pieces, born from your desires and meticulously shaped in my workshop in Montreal. Each piece carries a touch of something special, a reflection of Lidia's distinct essence.

Bracelets, Creole Earrings and Pearls

One of the most echoed requests was for bracelets. It is with great enthusiasm that I announce their inclusion in our latest Fall arrivals. Alongside these bracelets, you will uncover a breathtaking array of creole hoop earrings and pearls. Each piece has been crafted with the same artisanal care and infused with a passion for jewelry that flows from heart to hand.

Jewelry for Her by a canadian jewelry designer

Every creation is a testament to Canadian craftsmanship. These pieces pay homage to the modern, audacious, and graceful woman, deserving of jewelry that complements her inner and outer radiance.
Choosing a jewel from our 2023 new arrivals is a nod to the authenticity and brilliance of "Made in Quebec," offering unique creations that transcend fleeting trends and echo through generations.

Celebrating Feminine Strength

Through this collection, my dedication lies in celebrating the qualities that make every woman an extraordinary force. Whether it's curiosity, passion, resilience, candor, or audacity, these jewels are an invitation to wear your virtues as cherished talismans.

They celebrate the woman of today, unbound and self-assured, deserving jewelry that mirrors her inner and outer brilliance. Selecting a jewel from our 2023 new arrivals is an affirmation of your connection to Montreal's jewelry legacy, with pieces that will become cherished companions in your most beautiful moments.

Launching November 2nd

I am very much looking forward to unveiling these creations with you during the launch on Thursday, November 2nd at 8 pm. An exclusive launch promotion awaits our cherished newsletter subscribers.

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Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for your unwavering support and for being a wellspring of boundless inspiration for more than 12 years already!

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